1. Her Majesty II on Flickr.

  2. Lost Boys on Flickr.

  3. Forest child on Flickr.

    Irresistible forests and a sleeping Bexie.

  4. And we walked off to look for America on Flickr.

    A preview of what the gorgeous Bexie Archer and I shot over the last few days. What a star!

  5. Lucy II on Flickr.

  6. Lucy on Flickr.

  7. Elly on Flickr.

  8. Moonlit VI on Flickr.

  9. Medusa - Week Seven on Flickr.

    Week 7 of my 52 week self portraiture project with the Let’s Get Creative 2014 group.

    The theme this time was monsters, so I went with Medusa.

    Many thanks to Sandy the snake for co-starring!!

  10. Moonlit on Flickr.

  11. Moonlit IV on Flickr.

    Another from my moonlit fairy shoot in the Shropshire hills. See the full set here: http://ellaruthc.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/moonlit.html

    Makeup: Fiona Brunt
    Model: Bexie Archer

  12. Moonlit III on Flickr.

    The beautiful May Whiston, with make up by Fiona Brunt, on a hill in Ironbridge, Shropshire. See more from our shoot here: http://ellaruthc.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/moonlit.html

  13. Week Six on Flickr.

  14. Lost Kingdom V on Flickr.

  15. Lost Kingdom IV on Flickr.