1. Week Fifteen on Flickr.

  2. Siyana on Flickr.

  3. Week Fourteen on Flickr.

    Week 14 of the 52 week Let’s Get Creative self portraiture project. Theme: hippies.

  5. Week Thirteen on Flickr.

    Week 13 of the 52 week Let’s Get Creative 2014 self portraiture project. Theme: Night.

  6. Lucy III on Flickr.

  7. Week twelve on Flickr.

    Week twelve of the Let’s Get Creative 2014 52 week self-portraiture project. This week’s theme was pink.

  8. Her Majesty II on Flickr.

  9. Lost Boys on Flickr.

  10. Week eleven on Flickr.

    Week eleven of the 52 week Let’s Get Creative 2014 project. Theme: Glasses.

  11. Leicester bound on Flickr.

    Train window view. Leicester bound.

  12. Forest child on Flickr.

    Irresistible forests and a sleeping Bexie.

  13. Week Ten on Flickr.

    Week 10 of the 52 week ‘Let’s Get Creative 2014’ self portraiture project. Theme: fairies.

    Forest, wings, lace dress…and a pond?! I couldn’t not go in!

  14. And we walked off to look for America on Flickr.

    A preview of what the gorgeous Bexie Archer and I shot over the last few days. What a star!

  15. Week Nine on Flickr.

    Week nine of the 52 week self-portraiture project Let’s Get Creative 2014. Theme: Patterns.

    Painted patterned cupboard…grandma’s old patterned dress…why not both!? Luckily for me, Bexie took charge of my hair & make up and let me steal her rather epic glasses for this shot!